Sunday, October 28, 2007

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#2) Compare and contrast The Sea Inside to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. What similarities and differences do you notice? In your opinion, which was more powerful?

Similarities: Both were Quadripalegic's, wrote a book, what I also noticed was that they were lonesome, and they had to do something in their spare time so they had great minds, meaning that they could go anywhere or "fly" anywhere they wanted to, when they wanted to. Both really hated their condition and wanted to suicide. I also noticed they had a good and fun life, Ramon with traveling around the world, and in his pictures you see a lot of girls, and my conclusion is that he dated a lot, and Bauby was the head of a newspaper company.

Differences: I think that Ramon was more free in the sense that he could go places and at least do some minor things by himself. He was able to write, eat, and talk, which changes everything from not being able to do anything but blink your left eye, which Bauby was stuck with. More people were around and friendly with Ramon while in this state, but no one was with Bauby while in this state that he mentioned in his memoir, maybe his kids that visited him once a while but other than that.

When you first see Ramon Sanpedro in the beginning of the movie he talks about dieing and you think how horrible of him to say that why would you want to live. Until you have seen his story, you wouldn't know how much pain he has to go through as a quadriplegic. There always has to be someone with him to watch for him in case he needs something and on top of that they have to live away from everyone else so robbers or some bad guy cant come and kill him so he brings his brother down as they said his "slaves". In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly on the other hand, Jean-Dominique Bauby was able to only blink. Im not sure what the question means by "more powerful" but from how I understand I think that Bauby's story was more powerful because he was stuck in the hospital, and Ramon was more free than Bauby.

#1) What is your general reaction and response to the film? What do you think of Ramon's request for assisted suicide, the court's response to him, and his eventual actions? What do you think of his friends who agreed to help him?

I don't know what to say, this was an amazing film even though it was in a different language and I had to read subtitles. I was just shocked at the results of what he decided to do, Ramon was a quadrilpalegic whom was trapped in this state for 28 years. I think that maybe he doesn't really love anyone, like Rosa, and he's just faking it so that the "loved" person can help him in his suicide. If I were a judge and I saw this case, I think I would not pass it, because the right to die, as I read last year in government, it states that one does not have the right to do if he is not useless, meaning if the person can eat, talk, move, and think properly etc. Yes he does eventually get his wish to suicide. His friends were only Rosa and Julia, but those were the ones who loved him. It's really a mystery if he loved them back, or if he just loved them to kind of hypnotise them so he can get them to help him suicide.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Augusten explains his job as an advertiser. When he was 13 his mother gave him away to her psychiatrist who adopted him. He got sexually abused, and when he escaped he presented himself to advertising from age 19 until now, 24.
Jim invites Augusten to drink with him at Cedar tavern. Jim is a coffin salesman, funeral business. (undertaker) Augusten and Jim Scheduled to be at cedar tavern at 9, but Jim is already there when Augusten arrives, and finds him halfway through a martini. While they drink Augusten talks about his meeting that he has to go to tommorrow and how he hates his job. Jim tells him to get a real job but Augusten wants to keep his job. They have 4/5 drinks and Jim suggests to go to another bar. They walk 2 blocks to "Live Jazz" and "Jumpers". They talk about story's from Jim's job. They have 5 more drinks and its a quarter to one, they are drunk and Augusten is on stage singing, he falls and the security has to throw them out. Augusten tries to read his watch but he thinks its wrong because it reads 4:15.
The next morning they have a meeting at the art museum. He had 2 hours of sleep and thinks he's still drunk. This morning he groomed and then had breakfast, he thinks the fat would absorb his toxins. He takes a lot of breath mints before the meeting. He attends another meeting and meets his client. This is where he introduces his partner, Greer, she has been his partner for 5 years. She bugs him about his drinking problem. She whispers to him that he smells like alcohol and Greer covers up for him as usual. They eat dinner and he orders more liquor.
When he gets home he drinks 1 more bottle then he sleeps for the meeting he is suppose to have tommorrow morning at 10. He wakes up at 12:04 PM and has 3 missed calls from Greer, telling him to go to the meeting and should be there soon He arrives at work just as other people got done with their lunch break. He decides not to make a excuse and try to sneak in. He knocks on the door and Eleanor, his boss, opens the door for him. He notices the meeting has just ended. Eleanor notices that he's been drinking. Greer and Augusesn have a "talk" in his room and she says that because of his drinking problem not only his career is being destroyed but so is hers. That his problem has affected their career. She leaves the office saying that "you are going down but im not going down with you" Then he talks about how they are a good team because they are "fast". He gets home and drinks again, he thinks that Greer has control issues.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I believe in hard work

This I believe..

I believe in hard work. I believe that if you keep at what you want to do, you will accomplish it. People always told me that if you want to get better at something you have to practice, and to practice you need to discipline yourself.

When I was 8, my dad signed himself up for Tae Kwon Do along with me and my brother. We all started at the same time, it was my dad’s idea. He forced us to go to Tae Kwon Do even though I cried because we worked hard in that class and the teacher yelled at us for crying. We went everyday for an hour of class. 3 years later I was the only one to get a black belt in my family. I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was outside in a vast area, on the grass. First off we did the black belt form, break some boards, do 100 push-ups and then finally in the big room where we meet the masters to shake their hand and obtain our black belts. When I was a kid I never even thought of doing karate, but through those 3 years, I am glad I worked hard for it, because it benefited me in self-confidence to defend myself when in need. Now my cousins look up to me, and they are currently taking karate.

I love to listen to music, which is why I practice my guitar. I went to guitar center last week to find a new guitar. There were people playing music testing out the guitars, and I just sit and listen to them. I’ve never heard of the songs they played but they were great, they look like Teddy Geiger live and I was right there. I’m not as great as them, I can probably play a few songs like collide by Howie Day, simple songs like that, but I’m not Prince either. I know that if I practice enough I can become just like them, which is what they did to become what they are today. They worked hard and the outcome is that they became good at what they do.

No matter how hard it gets, no matter what the circumstances are, just keep fighting. Don’t quit, remember your goals, and show everyone that you can become something more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This I Believe

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2. Author

3. Title
Every Person Deserves Respect

4. One sentence of what the belief is

I belives that every person deserves respect, and that I can learn something new from everyone.

5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief
I've found most people are patient with me if I show an interest and respect for what they have to say.
He resepects people, they respect him back.

He even ended up giving some good advice to me, a financially naive engineer.
Vint respects people and has a healthy conversation with people, because he wouldn't of gotten advice from the taxi driver if they respect each other.

6. 1 favorite passage
Whether it's on the web or in person, when I meet new people, if I am open, curious and civil, I can learn new things. I believe it's imperative — even selfish, you might say — to treat every person with respect.
His advice here is, if you meet new people and respect them, they will respect you and you might get advice from them.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


-----The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is ...
Just too much homework because my brother said that make sure I get into study groups and get as much help as I want. I cant be tardy either, but its not my fault most of the time because my mom doesn't leave the house, she's a slowpoke. But what do you tell you're teacher's, its just another excuse to them anyways. Other than that i am not too worried about anything, my teachers and counselors are always there for me.

-----One goal for myself in my sophomore year is ...
Make sure I do not get an F. I want to go to a good college because it will open up more doors for me if I get a good grade/score. Sure no one wants their life around points but that's how the world works. In reality if you are lazy and get bad grades no one's going to want you, not even you're relatives and I have already found that out. So I cant rely on anyone else but myself.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007