Wednesday, September 5, 2007


-----The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is ...
Just too much homework because my brother said that make sure I get into study groups and get as much help as I want. I cant be tardy either, but its not my fault most of the time because my mom doesn't leave the house, she's a slowpoke. But what do you tell you're teacher's, its just another excuse to them anyways. Other than that i am not too worried about anything, my teachers and counselors are always there for me.

-----One goal for myself in my sophomore year is ...
Make sure I do not get an F. I want to go to a good college because it will open up more doors for me if I get a good grade/score. Sure no one wants their life around points but that's how the world works. In reality if you are lazy and get bad grades no one's going to want you, not even you're relatives and I have already found that out. So I cant rely on anyone else but myself.

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